Friday, January 29 2016


Friday, January 29 2016

“Have a profound conversation…”

Moon in Libra:

Today as the Disseminating Moon moves through Libra, it’s a wonderful day to take time out to be grateful to for the people in your life.

Exercise: Make a list of the TOP 10 most important people in your life. Who are they and what do they mean to you? Do you need to try harder with them? Why are you grateful to them? Have you let them know lately?

Daily Oracle Reading –

Today i was drawn to pull two cards, and they profoundly compliment each other  “acceptance & See only love”

From my experience when we lighten up and let go of misunderstandings, we stop feeding the energy of anger, and it may bring about a shift or healing. If not, then it sets one free from walking around with the burden of a mind rehashing the hurts, which in turn affects our well being. It allows us to enjoy the presence of the moment.

” See only Love”

The angels gave you this card as a reminder to see yourself, others, and every situation through their eyes. When you focus on love, anything that’s unloving falls away. It’s like turning on a light to diminish the previous darkness. Call upon the angels whenever you need help to elevate your vision to a more loving vantage point. Today try and look past the personalities and egos of others, and see the angel within them (and if this seems difficult ask the angels can help you with this). Today forgive others and yourself. Release anger, hurt, or judgments to the angels, Affirm what you desire, instead of what you fear. release any blockages and focus on what you want more of and less of what you dont have

” Acceptance “

You received this card to help your relationship with yourself and others. The next time you’re tempted to judge yourself or someone else harshly, pray for their health and happiness instead. This more positive route builds self-esteem and harmony, and heals relationships. Remember what you put out wether its words or thoughts get repaid back to you.

Today mini mental to do list is to try and notice how much better you feel when you think positively about yourself and others. Don’t try to control or change others and let go of tendencies to force things to happen and you’ll receive your desired (or better) outcome more peacefully. Remember when one door closes, another one opens.


Emotions are the quickest way to manifesting your desires and dreams so feel the emotion behind your desired manifestations and watch them manifest quicker into your life.


Have a wonderful day

Andy Jackman x

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