Be calm and still. 04/07/18


Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Chiron stations retrograde at 2’25 Aires.

These first few days of the week are relatively easy ones. But this will all come to a stand still as Chiron turns retrograde added with Mars retrograde energy These aspects further reinforce a need to take it slowly, no quick or rash decision-making. It’s better not to jump to conclusions and think before we speak and act.

Chiron stations retrograde at 2’25 Aires. With the wounded healer being the most powerful energy in our sky today its a time to reflect, heal and address deep wounds that need to transformed! However when Chiron is in play even more so when its stationing retrograde it can bring up certain emotions that can be particularly hard to make sense of. They may not be so much the happy-go-lucky ones we all love. Today don’t be surprised if you start to feel overwhelmed, tense, anxious and or even angry as repressed emotions and wounds surface! It’s a is a good time for introspection. Chiron will be Retrograde until December 9th of this year! There is a massive potential for healing and self evolution and soul growth!

It’s a time to assess your life. Especially the areas of health that concern you, this includes your metal , emotional, physical and spiritual. This period gives us an opportunity to face wounds and old hurts as well as look at your past conditioning around particular energies or how you react with certain emotions, especially towards masculine and aggressive traits! We must also look out for being over critical and judging others. If you find yourself going over your relationships with a fine tooth comb, stop! The key to using Chiron retrograde energy is to find the insights and healing available in all situations you are presented with! Healing and wholeness are the goal of Chiron.



Happy Hump Day!

Andy J

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