A longing to Explore, 02/05/2018.


Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018

The Moon is in Sagittarius.

The Sagittarius Moon opposes Venus is Gemini and forms a flowing trine to Mercury in Aries.

As the Moon continues through idealistic, adventurous Sagittarius, allowing us to continue to expand our philosophical understanding and worldview. The Sagittarius Moon opposes Venus is Gemini and forms a flowing trine to Mercury in Aries. Today brings another day of building excitement  holiday mode energy or anxiety in the background while the sense of waiting or pondering lays quietly in the background. We have the urge to explore uncharted territory, go for adventures, really enjoy life and to broaden your horizons, to learn about cultures. Today go out and  find a new activity, discover a new coffee shop, dream or book a holiday. It’s about really look beyond your normal daily activities and give something or someone new a go. Today also be aware that you may find love in very unexpected places. It’s a personal fulfillment day, treat yourself, have fun and reigniting your passion. It’s really about self-love, and I can tell you that you will regain the rewards when you focus your time on doing what you love.

Pay attention to the people you encounter and the information that we feed into our mind. Is it quality ? will it help us grow? Underestimate the importance of what we absorb through all forms of media and people the we allow to impact our thinking and views.

Happy Hump Day!

Andy J x



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