Tuesday 31/01/2017

Tuesday 31st January, 2017.

The Cresent Moon leaves dreamy Pisces and enters fiery Aries this evening.

The Moon conjunts Venus in Pisces.

When the Moon is in Pisces you really are in touch with the way you feel and when the Moon is in Aries you really start to move, you pick up the pace and move into the energy of getting things done. The Aires Moon will stimulate a strong desire to start fresh. As the Moon moves through the crescent phase, this makes is a great time to stay really clear about what you plan to accomplish this month, what did you want to manifest this month? As you move forward during this phase towards making your dreams come true don’t forget to thank the Universe!

The Moon conjunts Venus in Pisces today. This can means for us, that we can find ourselves feeling particularly intense ,rash , dreamy and you will feel that the way you are feeling, how you do things and how you are seeing the world is the correct way. Some will also tend to be a little over the top in your romantic feelings, some may feel that large declarations of love are on the cards today. Be aware, that some today may want to rush into things , make commitments that are not fully extensively thought out properly and some of you will just want to simply run with your feelings, we also begin to seek out pleasurable activities when Venus is in Pisces.


Have a great day!
Andy J xx

2 thoughts on “Tuesday 31/01/2017

  1. Happy to have moon in Aries, hopefully he will ramp up my energy level for the next couple of days… just have to remember to … stop and think… not to rush… and avoid sharp tools and open cupboards… 🙂 Have a fabulous week.


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