Tuesday 24/01/2017

Tuesday January 24th, 2017.

The Sun in Aquarius

The Moon goes into Capricorn this afternoon .

Venus conjunct Chiron in Pisces.

The Moon’s move into sensible, reliable Capricorn today. Suggesting a cautious and sensible approach to our day. Today is all about work and taking practical action and this will be valued far more than delving into the emotional side of things, so if you are that person that tends to manipulate people emotional to get what it is you want .. Well you may be out of luck. The things valued today will be hard work, dedication, facts, figures practical circumcisions it’s a very black and white day.

The Goddess of Love, abundance, money and beauty will align and have a conversation with Chiron the wounded planet that loves to bring up deep issue to surface for healing. Awakening, healing and awareness will be a strong theme today. However it isn’t always about love, it can be about how we value ourselves, our self-worth and being worthy enough. It’s not only about relationships with our self,but with family, business partners, co workers and money. These things are brought up not to punish us but to allow us to see what still within us needs healing or tweaking. What is holding us back from being who we truly are!So pay attention to what is arising, journal it, talk to someone you trust but don’t ignore it!

Have a magical day 

Andy x

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