Monday 16/1/17

Monday 16th January , 2017

The Moon is in Virgo.

Mars  conjoin with Chiron in Pisces.

Mars semi square with Saturn.

Good Morning happy Monday.  This week we will be feel some intense energies around as we see Mars squaring with Saturn along with a Chiron and Mars conjunction. The Moon continues to transit in helpful, health conscious Virgo all day.

Mars is speaking with Saturn this week in a type of conversation that astrologers like to call square. This type of conversation will be intense  and that of motivation. Mars is the planet of action, the planet that drives us, motivates us, Mars energy is all about fighting for what we wan, and going out there and making it happen. Mars provides us the opportunity to know what we want , who we are and gives us the power to act on this from a place of personal truth. Now Saturn is different, it is more about awareness,it is the teacher, its a feeling of restriction, a sense of responsibility and a sense of appreciation, of consequences and seeing the big picture. When these two speak with on another they create the intention and a need to be patient.. Patience with your self, and with others will arise this week and especially as the energy builds up to when they exact square on the 19/1/17. Emotions will build, frustrations will arise. The urge to act quickly will present itself but the key is to breathe and be patient.

Mars will conjoin with Chiron in Pisces today. This  will leave us feeling like we have certain issues we need to address, so much so that they present to us as a personal mission, we will be fearless and hopeful, especially in regards to addressing those problems areas in our lives particularly related to emotions and attachments.

Mars will drive us to take decisive action today and this Mars/Chiron conjunction will give us a sense of purpose. However as Chiron is the wounded healer, the energy can be heavy, deep wounds and pain can surface and with it being in Pisces, we can find ourselves diving deep delve into our unconscious energy, both personally and collectively. The key today is to take action on what needs healing and be aware to navigate consciously through the day and avoid imputing into drama.

Have a great day

Andy J xx


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